The moses collection

The Moses was born out of a love between different elements. The gentle wrap around steel allows a perfect marriage of wood and steel. The Moses is versatile in use and in size. The Moses is a family collection. Available in the original Moses, Long Jon, Long Jon XL, Mother Moses and our new Mini Moses.

Mini Moses Bedside/Side 20"wide x 25 1/4 high and 15 1/4" deep $ 895.00 each or $1600 a pair

Moses Original 44" long x 18" high x 16" deep Starting at $1450.oo

 Moses Long Jon 60" long x 18" high x 16" deep $1950.00

 Moses Long Jon XL 72"long x 18" high x 16" deep $2150.00

 Mother Moses 60" long x 36" high x 30" deep starting at $4200.00


Email for pricing.